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Castles of the Duchy - Parma and Piacenza
The remarkable and fabulous wealth of castles and manors that links the provinces of Parma and Piacenza led to the creation of the "Castles of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza" in 1999. A true Product Club with the participation of private landowners and public entities as charter members, ordinary members and dues-paying members.

Castelli del ducato di Parma e Piacenza
Dots like precious gems on fabric for over the last 500 years, they stand out like sentinels, silent and watchful, to dominate the landscape.

And they have many pages of history to tell.

They are manors which are members of the Associazione Castelli del Ducato di Parma e Piacenza (Castles of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza), 20 fascinating images of the Middle Ages have been handed down to us.

Fortresses, ramparts and hill forts are opened to visitors to disclose the world of long ago, made of love and war, and great passions that are still felt from within the walls, the walkways and sumptuous halls.

Even today, delicious treasures increase the charm and appeal of the noble tables prepared for the "Memoirs of Flavours": parmigiano-reggiano (Parmesan cheese) and grana padano cheese, Parma ham, culatello di Zibello (a more refined ham made form heavier pigs which may be cured with wine), spalla di San Secondo (seasoned and boiled pork shoulder from San Secondo), coppa piacentina (a type of lean salami) and salame di Felino (a cured salami from Felino), and lots of red and white D.O.C. wines from the hills around Piacenza.

The Associazione Castelli del Ducato di Parma e Piacenza is based in:
Fontanellato c/o Rocca Sanvitale
Piazza Matteotti, 1 - 43012 Fontanellato (Parma)
Tel. 0521 829055/823221 - Fax 0521 823246
e-Mail info@castellidelducato.it

Hotel Villa Fiorita has a privileged position for those who want to visit some of the castles scattered in the provinces of Parma and Piacenza. From Salsomaggiore Terme by car, all the castles are within a 30/40km radius. Besides visiting the castles, the journey by car will prove to be a unique experience, a journey through the hills and plains, surrounded by nature and in direct contact with the land of Emilia Romagna.

Don't miss visiting:

The fortified hamlet of Vigoleno: 10km
The fortress of Viscontea di Castell'Arquato: 18km
The fortress of Sanvitale di Fontanellato: 22km
The fortress of Meli Lupi di Soragna: 20km
The castle of Grazzano Visconti: 47km
The castle of Gropparello: 40km
The fortress of Bardi: 44km
Grazzano Visconti
Grazzano Visconti
Castles of the Duchy - Parma and Piacenza
Fidenza Outlet Village
Liberty Center - Salsomaggiore Terme
Golf Hotel - Salsomaggiore Terme
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