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Liberty Center - Salsomaggiore Shopping
Being able to offer all guests and visitors to Salsomaggiore Terme a wide range of products and a gentle walk, is what the participating stores at the Liberty Center want for their customers. Over 60 shops and stores await you with many proposals, offers and services, on Sundays and all public holidays. At the Liberty Center in Salsomaggiore.
Liberty Center - Salsomaggiore Shopping
Official Website: www.liberty-center.it

The project of Liberty Center

The project of the Centro Commerciale Naturale in Salsomaggiore, the "Liberty Center - Salsomaggiore Shopping" , the first in the Province of Parma, was initiated in September 2006 following the signing of an agreement between the City of Salsomaggiore, four Joint Ventures formed from around forty local businesses and Parma's Ascom Confcommercio Technical Assistance Centres and Confesercenti Emilia-Romagna.

The mission

The Centro Commerciale Naturale, with the initiation of re-generational processes and the commercial renewal of the city centre, aims to increase the number of consumers who visit the shops in Salsomaggiore Terme so as to create and offer integrated trading by making a system from the different types of traders in the territory.
There are currently about sixty traders participating in the Liberty Center - Salsomaggiore Shopping providing trade, craft and service shops.


The area of the Centro Commerciale Naturale has been divided into zones. For an updated list of the zones, visit the Liberty Center's official website and consult the plan.

Identify the partecipating stores

The recognition of economic operators participating in the Centro Commerciale Naturale is ensured by a common logo, a sticker with the following inscription "Liberty Center - Salsomaggiore Shopping".
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