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Salsomaggiore Spas
Salsomaggiore Terme unquestionably gains its prominent reputation due to the valuable presence of its thermal waters. The water is known as salsobromodoic, because of the many minerals that it contains, bromine and iodine are present in particularly high concentrations. To give an idea of the quantity of salts present in Salsomaggiore water, it suffice to say it holds the world record of saline density in all natural water.

There are two agreements with the National Health Service for special offers and promotions directly connected to the facilities of the spas in Salsomaggiore Terme.

Le Terme Berzieri

Terme Berzieri

The Berzieri establishment is undoubtedly one of the most monumental, eclectic and sumptuous temples of water and health. Conceived by a design developed in 1911/12, then built between 1913 and 1923 it represents the historical moment of the nationalization of the spa industry with that of the artistic styles of liberty and art deco.

It takes its name from Lorenzo Berzieri, the physician considered the father of the Salsomaggiore spas. It was thanks to his research on the properties of salsobromoidic water that Salsomaggiore, from a simple "Salt Hamlet" became the city of the Spa.

Nowadays the Berzieri spa are the temples of the well-being spas in Salsomaggiore Terme, a place where time stands still while you take a relaxing break, revitalize with new energy, reshape your body and fill your mind with new sensations.

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Le Terme Zoja

Zoja Spa Establishment

The Zoja Spa, immersed in the greenery of Mazzini Park, is a more modern spa complex than that of Berzieri.
Home to various departments for the treatment and prevention of arthro-rheumatic diseases, respiratory and gynecological problems, Phlebology to mention just a few.
It has departments for classical spa treatments and qualified centres for specific treatments such as, the Centre for Pediatric Inhalation, the Center Oral Hygiene and the Spa Centre for Hydrotherapy and Aesthetic Medicine.
The Spa Centre for Hydrotherapy and Aesthetic Medicine, in particular, focuses on fitness and rehabilitation in water, due to a thermal pool on different levels, with geysers, whirlpools and underwater equipment. Hydro- vascular and beauty treatments for face and body, are also on offer.
In agreement with the National Health Service, Spa treatments are available to customers at any time of year.

Hotel Villa Fiorita - Salsomaggiore Terme
Terme Berzieri
Via Roma, 9 - 43039
Salsomaggiore (PR)

Terme Zoja
Parco G.Mazzini - 43039
Salsomaggiore (PR)

Hotel Villa Fiorita - Salsomaggiore Terme
Terme Zoja:
N° Verde: 800 861385